RV & Boat Storage Tips

Answering your frequently asked questions about RV and boat storage

Properly Store Your RV & Boats

Deep clean before you store

Before you store your RV or boat make sure to give it a thorough deep clean. Give it a good wash with soap and water to remove all the dirt and grime that has built up. Don’t forget the tires!

Pest proof

Keeping pests out should be one of your main concerns prepping for storage. Begin by ensuring there are no gaps or holes where critters can crawl into your RV or boat You can place special screens or plugs into vents, hoses, or pipes and seal any cracks with steel wool or spray foam.

Remove left over food

Remove all food (or anything that will entice pests into your RV or boat) from the cabinets, fridge, and freezer. Once you’ve removed everything from the fridge and freezer, turn those appliances off and prop open the doors to prevent any mold from growing inside while in storage.

Take out all your valuables

Remove all your valuables including important paperwork. Don’t use your RV or boat as storage, take everything out that you can.

Open the vents

No one like that musky, moldy smell. Open your vent and let the air circulate. Or be sure to add a product that has a disposable moisture absorber with activated charcoal like Damp Raid.

Retract all slides

When storing your RV with pop-out slides, make sure they are secure and fully retracted. Do a quick check and clean-up of all the mechanical parts before you store it.

Drain all fluids

Flush out the water tanks, plumbing system, and water heater when storing. If you’re winterizing your RV or boat, is to add a little bit of antifreeze to piping, valves, and waste tanks to prevent leftover water from freezing.

Cover up inside & out

Covers are a great way to protect against the extreme temperatures, the elements and sunlight. When choosing a cover, a high-quality cover will last longer and protect a lot better than its cheap counter parts. Don’t forget about the inside! Place cover over your sofas, mattresses and chairs to protect against dusty and grime build up.

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